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The Science: The walk is laid out on the 1000 Yard scale of 1 inch to 100,000 miles. Starting from the model of the Sun, the planets of the Solar System are marked out to scale with signs showing some key facts about each one. Walking from the Sun to Pluto takes 1,019 paces, the equivalent of 3,660,000,000 miles. By the time you reach Pluto, you will no longer be able to see the sun.  
Stokey's Solar System Walk table of distances between planets

Location: Stokey's Solar System Walk runs for one kilometre along the revetment from Horseshoe Bay at Bonchurch to Wheelers Bay.
Map of Stokey's Solar System Walk Ventnor

Start: Ideally, the walk starts at the model of The Sun in Bonchurch and finishes outside the chalets at Wheelers Bay, but it can of course be taken in reverse, starting at Ventnor Haven.

Cost: The walk is normally completely free! Nada, niente, gratuit, gratis! Guided walks may be available on occasion, for which a charge may be made.

Parking: The nearest car parks are at Shore Rd, Bonchurch and the Eastern Esplanade by Ventnor harbour and the paddling pool.

Distance: 1km. The walk takes about 20 minutes if you stop to read the signs, but you may want to allow another 15 minutes to reach the start of the walk from the Ventnor end.

Refreshments: In summer, on fine days, The Seapot serves drinks, cakes and light lunches. At the end of the walk is Besty and Spinky's café.

Public toilets: In Ventnor, behind the paddling pool and on Bonchurch seafront.

Access: Unlike most of Ventnor, this walk is actually flat and paved all the way, though best started at the Ventnor end, returning the same way, as there are steps and slopes at Bonchurch. The walk is suitable for all ages and abilities, but as in all seaside locations, children should be supervised by an adult.

Contact us: By email at solarwalk@gmx.co.uk

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The creation of Stokey's Solar System Walk was supported by Ventnor Enhancement Fund.

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